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The Morphology platform is located in the Pathology Department of CHU Bichat-Claude Bernard and is attached to INSERM UMR 1152-PHERE as well as to the University of Paris Cité.

The operational manager of the platform is Olivier Thibaudeau (AI).


This platform is able to offer research teams at the site or outside the realization of the various histological technical steps of human tissue samples and from laboratory animals.


The platform offers training in microtome and cryostat cutting to offer autonomous use.



Suggested techniques :


-Inclusion in paraffin

-Microtome or cryostat sections

-Standard (HE / HES) and specific colorings (Masson's Trichrome, BA-PAS, etc.)


      Masson's Trichrome                     BA-PAS                                         HE


Equipment :



-1 LEICA ASP 300 automatic dehydration machine





-1 LEICA EG 1160 inclusion bench


-1 semi-automatic microtome LEICA RM2245


-2 automatic microtomes LEICA Autocut R



-1 cryostat MICROM HM500




Contact :

UMR 1152
Plateforme de Morphologie
Département de Pathologie
CHU Bichat-Claude Bernard
46 rue Henri Huchard
75018 Paris
Tel: +33 1 40 25 80 80, poste 53009




Useful documents for using the Morphology platform :

Request for review

Involvement sheet

Convention for the use of the Morphology platform